Ky Carnell-Russell

Teaching Philosophy

Ky is devoted to helping her clients experience ease and joy in movement, as well as feeling the personal satisfaction that arises from progressing and excelling in a challenging physical activity.  She believes that the road to health and well-being begins with a balance of mind and body, providing the basis for all of her fitness and wellness instruction.

She loves teaching Pilates to clients in all stages of life and well-being, and includes elements from her background in rehab, fitness, anatomy, and dance into her sessions. Ky has had successful experiences working with clients ranging from high level-athletes and performers to those with practically any injury or chronic pain condition and truly believes that Pilates is beneficial for everyone.

Ky delights in sharing the joy of Pilates and movement with her students and thoughtfully blends lightheartedness and humor with the serious business of creating healthy, functional, happy bodies.

"Ky is a fantastic pilates instructor. I am stronger now than I was before I had my baby 6 months ago. Ky's style of teaching pushes me to workout harder, which makes me stronger, and this makes me feel really good about myself. She does all of this with a wonderful sense of humor!" - Hsiaolei